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My name is Winter, I'm a spiritual rebirth doula.

I help women navigate major changes in love, career and inner realms through reconnection to the divine feminine 🤍


"The energy was divine. I got to the root of my feelings of being "stuck" and discovered I really do have what it takes."
~ Angela
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my life's work is to elevate the presence of this moment, activating the divine feminine gifts of the women in the collective.

over lifetimes and through realms I've travelled collecting various healing tools, creating a powerful method uniquely my own.

with this quantum support method, I transform the women who come to me for transformation, for rebirth and for reclamation of their true identity:
a sacred feminine soul creating her best timeline.

Ready to begin? Meet me below...

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The Sacred REbirth Experience

Reignite your feminine fire!

So many women have fallen out of sync with their divine feminine connection...leading to burnout, distrust of their ability to make soulfull decisions and constant searching of outside opinions while being at a loss of how they truly feel or even know how to receive what they really want!

If this feels resonant for you and you're longing to soften into your true's time to remember who the F you are.

Ancient Methods, Modern Ways

Explore and learn about the spiritual realms

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some of my trainings + background...

- Hereditary intuitive + wisdomkeeper

- Author of Goddess Grows Up

- Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Ki Reiki Master

- Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

- Trained in Transformational Coaching

- Trained Flower Essence Practitioner

- Gene Keys + Human Design Practitioner

- Expert in Divine Feminine Archetypes

- Trained in Psychic Mediumship, Akashic Records and Shamanism

- Certified BUTI Yoga Teacher

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Send me a note, speaking opportunity or collaboration inquiry here! 💋

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Thank you for connecting! I'll be in touch with you shortly 💜

© 2023 • Winter Clark - Big Change Medicine •

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